Get Growing UP - Combo Bundle

$ 6,599.95



Get Growing UP is a new product offering that utilizes vertical space for indoor growing or to maximize the greenhouse environment. This bundle is our COMBO version that mixes propagation and NFT in one 60" wide by 92" tall system. Keep and eye out for our other configurations that are still being developed for FULL propagation, FULL NFT and even buckets for medical crops. All bundles will eventually come in module options so multiple towers can run on one reservoir and pump.

Most parts and pieces of this system come preassembled so set up goes rather quickly. The only parts that you will need to provide is a power strip (and power of course) and water for the reservoir. Tools required for assembly; power drill with clutch, 5/16" nut driver, measuring tape, sharpie and a small closed-end wrench.

This system has (5) of our commercial propagation trays for propagation, lettuce mixes and micro greens. The propagation system will run on its own pump that is timer controlled. The top two levels will hold (20) 52" Channels providing 192 growing site, 96 Finishing and 96 Nursery. T5 Lighting is included with this bundle.

Grow clean and be local. With a Get Growing UP Combo system you can grow lettuce, arugula, basil and many other popular and profitable greens, herbs and micro greens. All within minutes of your consumer's tables and without the use of pesticides.


(1) 60" wide by 92" tall by 46" deep steel table frame
(1) Manifold stack for feeding all three levels including preassembled feed plumbing
(3) 5' covered collectors with required drain plumbing and drip caps
(5) Commercial Propagation Tray (cMPT) with fill/drain fittings
(1) E-PVC table top for propagation level
(1) 50 gallon reservoir with float valve plumbing kit
(2) submersible pumps (one for NFT levels and one for propagation level)
(2) timers (one for propagation pump and one for T5 lighting)
(6) T5 fixtures with bulbs, 6 tube - 4ft with hanging hardware

Pro Grower Starter Kit
(5) sheets of LC-1" Oasis
(2) 1020 trays
(1) Hydroponic Salad Crop Production Book
(1) Gallon pH down 10%
(1) scrub brush for cleaning channel
(1) water analysis package
(1) Groline Handheld Meter
(1) Executive Selection lettuce seed variety pack
(1) pH control Kit with pH testing kit
(1) 120' roll of micro green mat
(0.25lb) spicy micro seed mix
(0.25lb Arugula seed mix
(0.25lb) Genovese Basil seeds
(100) Basil Bags
(200) Lettuce Bags
(5) GroMagnon 1KG nutrient batches

Shipping and handling
Labor or equipment for site prep or set-up

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