Get Growing NFT 48 Home & Classroom Bundle

$ 1,999.95



The new Get Growing! NFT 48 Home & Classroom Bundle. Grow clean. Grow local. Grow your income and save cash!

We'll ship you everything we know you will need, based on our 30+ years of growing experience, including the obvious items like the hydroponic system, but also the not-so-obvious items like nutrients, seeds, spare parts and even a scrub brush. As you start growing, the AmHydro team of growers will be here waiting for your call to answer questions. This ensures that whatever you come up against each harvest, you'll have a staff of growing professionals to answer your questions.

This bundle, when set up and operating at capacity, should produce enough lettuce to satiate your student's hunger for greens and knowledge. This is a compact, two tier system with lighting making it perfect for classrooms.

The NFT 48 (with 48 plant sites) is designed specifically for classroom experiments with two complete, but separate, 24 plant hydroponic systems running side-by-side. Students can study the impacts of changing variables like light, nutrients and pH on one system versus the control. For educators, we can also send a curriculum developed for this hydroponic system to help introduce the technology to your class.

Grow clean and be local. With an NFT 48 system you can grow lettuce, arugula, basil and many other popular and profitable greens and herbs. All within feet from your school's kitchen and without the use of pesticides!

Hydroponics NFT 48 Systems Kit
(8) 52 inch channels - channels have 6 sites per channel
(2) 14 gallon reservoir
(3) submersible pumps
(1) 2 story AmHydro frame on wheels
(2) 2 foot covered collectors with Drip Cap
(2) 2 foot feeder manifolds with grommets, micro-tubes and 1" control valves
(2) Lighting fixtures with bulbs
(1) Scrub brush
(1) Instructions
All necessary feed tubes and return plumbing.

Propagation (Seed-to-Seedling)
(2) 1020 Propagation Trays

Pro Grower Starter Kit
Consulting for plant varieties and nutrient formulation
3 months of seeds
3 months of Oasis (thin cut) plant medium
3 months of nutrients
Other needs like buffer and calibration solution, pH adjusters and water testing

Other Items
12 months of grower support

Shipping and handling
Labor or equipment for site prep or set-up

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