AmHydro Supernova Bio-blend Plant Nutrient Additive

Size: 1 gal
$ 161.95


NPK: 1-1-1

Highly concentrated seaweed bio-blend of nutrients that stimulate lateral bud growth for increased flowering sites and bushier plants (Cannabis growers know this!). Contains Ascophyllum nodosum extract, natural plant nutrients, amino acids and the plant hormone Cytokinin which promotes cell division, differentiation, lateral growth, cell enlargement, bud formation and production of chlorophyll. For use with soil and hydroponic systems. Supernova contains a wetting agent, increasing its effectiveness as a foliar spray. Use in combination with the rest of AmHydro's EPIC line for optimal results.

Usage: Follow instructions on packaging, refer to downloadable feed chart, or call us.


Epic Line Feed Chart

Supernova Data Sheet

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