AmHydro NFT 48 System Kit (2 x 5 feet)

$ 1,499.95


Hydroponic growing system with 48 plant sites for lettuce, basil, kale and other leafy greens. Designed for classroom and home use. Two mini systems are included in this kit (24 plant sites each). This allows for side-by-side experimentation and comparison. Developed with educators for educators. Curriculum offered separately.

EASY SET UP: This kit was designed for easy setup and operation. It includes our proprietary GroClean channels, galvanized steel table/bench with wheels for easy movement, and all the plumbing parts and hardware to put the system together.

COMPACT SYSTEM: Minimum area needed for system once set up and running = 24 square feet


(8) 52 inch finishing channels
(2) reservoirs with lids
(3) Rio submersible pump
(1) Custom steel table frame with wheels
(1) Instructions
(2) T5 lights
All necessary feed tubes and return plumbing

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