AmHydro Get Seeding 5-Tray Propagation Heating Mat Kit (4 x 5 feet)

$ 499.95


Hydroponic heating mat kit for AmHydro's Get Seeding 5-tray propagation system. Continuous, uniform sheet heat with efficient, low wattage heating mats. Essential for consistent seed germination and propagation of seeds to healthy seedlings.

EASY SET UP: This kit was designed for easy setup and operation. It includes 2 energy efficient mats and a temperature controller. Designed for the AmHydro 5-Tray Propagation System.

GROWING MADE EASY: Use this with AmHydro's-Tray Propagation System Kit for consistent, dependable seedling production.

COMPACT SYSTEM: Minimum area needed for system once set up and running = 4 x 5 feet


(2) 22 x 44 inch heat mats
(1) Quad Stat temperature controller

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