Headline:  RESEARCH

Market research is not rocket science, but it is important to determine the viability of your business. We want you to be successful, so please take this first step seriously.





Find out who purchases produce in your area.  Collect contact information of buyers working for your local supermarkets, schools, medical facilities and restaurants.  Interview them.  Don’t worry, they won’t bite!  Find out the amount and types of produce they buy, the prices they pay, and their willingness and ability to purchase their food locally.



Your research should enable you to determine how much to produce of what types of crops, and at what prices you will sell your harvest.  You will need this data when considering what size hydroponic system you will need, and how much to invest.



Some of you may need to file documents to set up a legal entity.  Some of you may also need to obtain a building permit to construct a greenhouse. Neither of these steps may be required, but if they are, you can call us for advice. 



You should arrange for help to construct your greenhouse. If you have purchased one of our Get Growing!TM bundles with a greenhouse, we will send a supervisor, but you will need to provide the labor.  We recommend 3-4 people for 2-3 weeks to fully construct the greenhouse.