AmHydro VC 20 System Kit (Recirculating Bato Buckets)

$ 1,299.95


Recirculating, hydroponic bucket growing system with 10-20 plant sites (1-2 in each of 10 buckets) for vine crops like tomatoes, cucumbers or peppers. Perfect for a small grow operations or to add additional produce to your Farmers Market or CSA offering.

EASY SET UP: This kit was designed for easy setup and operation. It includes our bato buckets, galvanized steel table/bench, and all the plumbing parts and hardware to put the system together.

GROWING MADE EASY: We have your electronic needs covered. We have designed and/or selected the electronic components specifically for this system and included instructions. Note that you may want to purchase one of our propagation system kits to grow seeds into seedlings.

COMPACT SYSTEM: Minimum area needed for system once set up and running = 2 x 10 feet


(10) Black, beige or white bato buckets. Two growing sites typical 2 per bucket for vine crops (20 sites total)
(1) 25 gallon reservoir 
(1) Rio submersible pump
(1) Steel table frame
(1) Feeder manifold and tubes
(1) Float valve and plumbing kit
(1) Instructions
All necessary return plumbing

SHIPPING & HANDLING: Shipping fee will be determined based on distance and order size.

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