Get Seeding 10 Tray Propagation Expandable

$ 2,199.95


This is the expandable version of our 10 Tray propagation system. System is modular and can connect to other 10 tray or 5 tray propagation expandable systems. System does not come with a reservoir, pump or feed and return plumbing.

AmHydro's hydroponic 10-tray propagation expandable system has enough room for 5,520 plant sites. Designed for propagation, microgreens, fodder or baby greens.

EASY SET UP: This kit was designed for easy setup and operation. It includes our proprietary propagation trays and galvanized steel table frame. Comes with manifold to feed the trays and collector to catch the water that will return to the reservoir

GROWING MADE EASY: Each propagation tray holds two standard 10 x 20 inch sheets of Oasis, Rockwool, or matting for micro greens (note: each tray has a 10" x 40" growing area). The heavy-duty trays also disconnect for easy transport of seedlings.

COMPACT SYSTEM: Minimum area needed for system once set up and running = 4 x 10 feet


(10) 11.5 x 44 inch (Outer Dimensions) white propagation trays with fittings
(1) 4 x 10 foot steel table frame
(1) Manifold complete with grommets, micro tubes and valve
(1) Collector
(1) plastic tabletop

System does NOT include the bottom heat package, pump, reservoir or feed and return plumbing.

SHIPPING & HANDLING: Shipping fee will be determined based on distance and order size.

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